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Donations and Commemorations:

At times, human nature drives us to do something valuable. In those days you might want to spend your money in a worthwhile manner. Let it be, a time of joy or unfortunately in time of desperation. The list is long and the options are limitless. So, what are my choices? Here’s a combination for you, loaded with zchusim.
Are you’re looking to support limud hatorah? Hilchusa Dyoma has thousands of lomdim, worldwide, that are studying the daily shiur of Mishna Brira!
Are you convinced that the zchus of tenoykas shel bais rabon can make a difference? A percentage of our members are under bar mitzvah and are so seriously involved. This is a great foundation for their future torah progress.
In order for us to further administer and deliver the intensive encouragement they need, we need your support. Your donation will make a notable difference in our worldwide torah study. Not only will it make a difference for them, but it will definitely also make a difference in your future and a difference for your beloved ones, when you commemorate their names in honor. Do it to you, do it to them!