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About Hilchusa Dyoma

Mifael Hilchusa Dyoma presents internationally a wonderful luach\calendar which includes a schedule of shiurim divided to cover the shilchun urech, Mishna Berira. It offers a one and two year cycle, which the lomdim can choose to finish learning completely the whole section of Orech Chaim from the Shilchon Urech, on a one or two year basis. You get an opportunity to accomplish the pleasure of wide education in thousands of haluchas that we use in our daily activities.

The calendar is divided so you can start out on Simchas Torah at Shichun Urech, Orech Chaim, simon alef, and continue daily thereafter till Simchas Torah of the next year. But, when you reach an upcoming holiday, for example; Chanukah, the luach will guide you to jump over to the simonim\hilchus chunukah, so you will cover for the next few days before the event, all the important haluchas that you need to know accordingly. Right after the holiday, the luach will guide you where to progress from the place where you paused before. This pattern will continue by each and every holiday; stopping before to engage in hilchus inyuna dyoma, and continuing afterwards, from where we left off. This ensures that not only do you cover yearly all applicable haluchas, but you are enabling yourself to be educated in time when they are crucial to apply. There is an option of starting whenever (not just on Simchas Torah) and finishing off the same day you started, too.

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